Under the motto “Oboji svoj posao” from 29th to 31st March in Cologne was held the largest world fair of textile craft industry “h + h cologne 2019” which was visited by about 16,000 visitors from 80 countries. In addition to 429 exhibitors from all over the world, for the first time at this fair event, the company “YUMCO” presented its products. On our stand were exposed helinas, knitted and embroidered handmade works, as well as various types of ends used for making them, and the special attention of the visitor was attracted to “Poentlas”. It is a manual work for which the line is used and a specific production technique, and it is a combination of helium, sewing and connections. During the Fair, numerous contacts with future business partners have been achieved and renewed old ones, which shows that “YUMCO” as a brand is not forgotten and that there is a need for the bigger presence of these products on the foreign market.



General Manager Jumka Branislav Trajković hosted a reception for pensioners who spent their working lives in this company.

The reception for pensioners who spent their lifetime in Jumko company was an opportunity to see former colleagues, to exchange experiences and to hear everyone how Jumko is doing today.

Trajkovic thanked everyone who came and pointed out that all the former workers – current retirees – gave a huge contribution to the company.


International Fair of Innovation and Innovative Technologies “Arhimed 2018”

At the 21st International Fair of Innovation and Innovative Technologies “Arhimed 2018” held from 5th to 8th April 2018 in Moscow, YUMCO Company was awarded the Special Prize of the Fair. The international jury of this fair event awarded our Company Golden Medal for the development of Brenda “YUMCO”:

This year, at the “Arhimed 2018” saloon, 31 countries and 55 regions from the Russian Federation took part. More than 600 new innovations and inventions have been presented, 260 brands in 30 different categories. In addition to its brand, YUMCO presented military uniforms and equipment and protective work clothing.