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  • HK “Yumco” AD Vranje is in the process of re-affirmation and positioning as the leading company of textile industry of Serbia. This textile giant, which has a rounded technological process of production, ranging from textile raw materials to ready-made garments, employs 1877 workers.

    The company has a great potential effect on the whole textile industry of Serbia and South East Europe, especially after the entry into force of the CEFTA agreement, as a major supplier of other manufacturers of yarns, fabrics and finishes. Yumco’s trademark, apart from its long tradition, is recognizable on the market both in terms of quality and competitive prices. Since the signing of the Agreement on Textiles between Serbia and the EU, which came into force in 2005, the interest of foreign companies for cooperation in the field of textile industry and export of textile products has also increased.

    The advantages of “Yumca” in relation to the competition are as follows:

    A complete technological process of production and the possibility for the customer to get a complete product in one place
    Shorter deadlines than competitors
    Carrying products are special and dedicated clothes of high technical and technological demands by customers
    Great opportunities for placing goods of high quality that arise as a result of their own development and monitoring of new world achievementsAnnually, it produces and delivers to the market 3,000,000 meters of fabrics of various weight and composition, 1,210,000 kilograms of various tracks and compositions, 1,000,000 pieces of ready-to-wear items, 300,000 knitwear items and 20 million liters of mineral water and juices.

    Annually produces and delivers 3.000.000 meters of fabrics of various weight and composition to the market, 1.210.000 kilograms of various tracks and compositions, 1.000.000 pieces of ready-made clothes, 300.000 knitwear garments and 20 million liters of mineral water and juices

    Together with the expert team of the Directorate General for General Logistics of the Ministry of Defense, Military Technical Institute and Technical Expert Center, “Yumco” worked on making various clothes and equipment for the Army of Serbia, and the actual M-10 uniform in the digital design is among the most modern in the world.

    As the leader in the production of a dedicated program, “Yumco” also has uniforms for the Polish, Finnish and German and Austrian army, as well as uniforms for the RS Ministry of Interior, as well as working units for workers of other state institutions, public and commercial enterprises and health centers.

    In 2015, Yumco enters as a financially stable company with continuous production and contracted operations worth over 10 million euros. At the same time, it is developing a retail network by opening larger retail outlets such as OUTLETA in Vranje and shops in Bor. With the great help of the Serbian Government, special attention is paid to increasing productivity and a better standard of work, all in order to find a good strategic partner.

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