Products of the dedicated and fashion industry

Production of a dedicated program

Namenski program

The dedicated program involves the production of finished products and the sale of a wide range of uniforms and work clothes, for all working conditions, all professions, according to the existing assortment or according to specific customer requirements.
The development of dedicated models requires the application of modern technology in the fabrication of fabrics made from natural and artificial fibers and mixtures of natural and artificial fibers.

With the finishing of fabrics on water repellency, smootherness, acid resistance, fire resistance, antistaticity, Yumco is able to create top-quality uniforms and workwear for the needs of all professions.

We have to mention that in 2011, Yumco also made new modern uniforms for the Army of Serbia M-10, in the digital dance, which is already used by the most developed world armies. The experts of the military technical institute worked in cooperation with the expert team from Yumca.
In addition to the new military uniform, a complete program of sanitary clothing, bedding, cooking-baking equipment and work-mechanical clothes was made.

Safety and security at work is very important and because of this, Yumco offers high-quality uniforms and work clothes for employees in the power utility, telecommunications, post office, oil industry, public utility companies, food industry, forestry and water management, customs administration, administrations for execution of institutional sanctions, health care and other public institutions.

Since 2018, Jumko also offers ballistic protection equipment in its production.

Production of fashion program

Modni program

After some time stagnation, Yumco since 2009. starts with the revival of the fashion program and the re-expansion of the retail network.
As the only producer in Serbia, based on the fabric and knitwear of our own production, we strive to tap modern trends and restore the image that we once had, and we prove that the quality of domestic goods should be respected.
Today, Yumco, with its not so large sales network, can offer men’s and women’s jackets, trousers, shirts, trousers, ready-to-wear garments and sweatshirts, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and trimmings in their assortment.

Military uniforms

Protective work clothing

Military uniforms and equipment