Production of yarns

HK PK “YUMCO” a.d. in its parent company annually produces 1,900 tons of yarn.

According to the purpose, we produce a wire tow, a knitting yarn and a towel for making ends.

According to the raw material composition, 100% cotton fabric is 100% cotton, 100% cotton, 100% synthetics,

mixes of all types of cotton with artificial fibers of cotton type, most often mixtures of 50 / 50,67 / 33,33 / 67, etc., are made.

As far as the assortment is concerned, we work in yarns from 8 to 135.

According to the type of spinning, we use a classic ring tow and tow which is obtained by the OE procedure from the numerals 10 to 34,

we do yarn for technical needs (OVT).