Manufacture of fabric

Tkanina i pletivoFrom your own yarn HK.PK. ,, YUMCO ,, a.d. annually produces 2,520,000 m of fabric in the width of 150cm and weights from 80-350g / m2 and 144t of knitwear weighing 80-300g / m2.

Depending on their own needs or customers’ needs, fabrics are made of different raw materials, 100% cotton combed, carded, 100% dog or mixed with artificial fibers (polyester, polyamide, viscose), usually 33% dog / 67% cotton, 40 % dog / 60% cotton, 50% dog / 50% cotton, 67% dog / 33% cotton.

In addition to the standard way of finishing fabrics and knitwear (softening, washing, sanforcing, calendering, painting, painting, stoning in a ready-made garment), Yumco also specializes. According to the request of customers, finishing clothes are used on fabrics for the production of custom uniforms and work clothes. By applying modern technologies in the fabrication of fabrics, waterproofness, bond resistance, acid resistance, fire resistance, antistaticity and fabric stabilization are achieved through anti-crowding and collecting, printing according to the customer’s request.

Fabrics for shirts, trousers, bedding, tablecloths, sheets, awnings are produced.

Interweave fabric can be canvas, twill, atlas, panama, rips, ripstop.